Teacher Name Subjects          
Barry F  Science
Brady P  French
Caffrey J  Spanish, Irish
Campbell C  Guidance, Religion
Carolan D  Maths, French
Cooney H Home Economics
Cotter A  PE, Science
Reilly F  T.G. W.W. DCG
Rogers K  Maths.
Comiskey B  Engineering, Metalwork, DCG
Conlon M  Science, Maths.
Costello A  Guidance
Cullen P  French
Cumiskey G  PE, CSPE
Dempsey A  Art, Craft and Design
Dolan M  Geography
Duffy M  Con St, W.W.
Egan S  Rel, History
Faughnan A  Ag. Science, Science
Fitzsimons A  English, Geography
Flanagan R  P.E. Biology, Science
Flood R

 English, History

Flynn M  SEN, Maths, Business
Fulton M  Irish
Gaffney E Maths
Goldrick A  Music
Hand T Maths
Keeshan A  Engineering, Metalwork
Kelly M  Geography
Larkin A  Physics, Science, Maths
McGuinness F  Spanish
 Lynch A  English
 McCormick C  Business
 Mc Quaid E SEN
 Moynihan A  French, Geography
 Mulligan A  Irish
 Ni Chearra N  Irish, Geography
O Sullivan C  English, Business
 Oates A  Geography, Maths
 Reilly F DCG, Woodwork
 Rooney C  Technology,
 Sheridan E Engineering, Metalwork
 Sheridan D  P.E., Biology, Science
 Sheridan M Geography
 Smith D  Home Economics
 Smith U English
 Smyth M Religion
 Talbot T English
Tynan N Art, Craft and Design
Tynan R Chemistry, Science, Maths
Ui Fhearghail V Irish

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